How To…Create a Windows Service


“How can I run my report server as a Windows Service?”


RB Server Edition includes a windows service called ReportBuilder Services. ReportBuilder Services can host your report server. For details see RBServer\Windows Services\ReadMe.doc.

A second solution is to create a custom windows service. This is the approach we recommend when multiple report servers need to run on a single machine.



  1. Use Delphi to create a Windows Service Application project (File | New | Other | Service).
  2. Place a TrsServer component on the Service module. (Add a separate DataModule for each ReportVolume component).
  3. Use the Object Inspector to modify the TService properties such as Name and DisplayName.
  4. Use the Object Inspector to configure the TrsServer properties such as Port.
  5. To install the windows service run the application with a /INSTALL parameter (Use the Delphi Run | Parameters dialog).
  6. To uninstall the windows service run this application with the /UNINSTALL parameter.

Sample Delphi code: