Register Server Components

TECH TIP: Registering Classes with the Server

In order to minimize the overhead in reporting applications, ReportBuilder employs a unit level registration scheme (similar to component registration in Delphi.), whereby components and functionality can be added at the discretion of the developer. A report server application needs to include all of the classes required to execute the reports on the server.

Optional Features
 Unit Name Feature
 daDataModule DADE support. (DataModule related classes.)
 raCodMod RAP support (CodeModule related classes.)
 ppCTMain Crosstab
 ppChrt TeeChart
 ppChrtDP Data-ware TeeChart
 myChkBox Checkbox, DBCheckBox

DADE Plug-ins

ReportBuilder also uses the unit registration scheme to control which database connectivity options are provided by the application. The following DADE plug-ins are provided with ReportBuilder (for more options see the Dade Plug-ins page on our web site).


 Unit Name Feature
 daDBBDE BDE support
 daADO ADO support
 daIBExpress Interbase Express support
 daDBExpress dbExpress support
 daADS Advantage support
 daDOA Oracle support via Direct Oracle Access components
 daIBO InterBase support via IBObjects components
 daDBISAM DBISAM support