Server Error Messages

TECH TIP: Understanding Server Error Messages

Exception messages prefixed with ‘Server Error’ imply that an error occurred on the server, rather than the client or web tier. When an error occurs on the Server, the exception is passed back to the client application and displayed in either an exception dialog box for a thin-client application or a web browser error page for a webtier application.


“Server Error: Processing request for report TempusOne Reports\Test Report EReportLoadFromFileError, Class TdaDataModule not found.”

The above error indicates that an error occurred on the server while attempting to process a request for a report called TempusOne Reports\TestReport. The “EReportLoadFromFileError” indicates that the error occurred while trying to a load a report from file. Specifically, the Class TdaDataModule could not be found.

To fix the problem, the report server application needs to be recompiled with daDataModule in the uses clause: