Using Local Interbase

TECH TIP: RB Server and Local Interbase

Local Interbase is a desktop database solution and has built-in connectivtiy limitations. One such limitation is that a Window Service application cannot connect to it unless the service application has permission to interact with the desktop.

Therefore if you are running a report server application within the context of ReportBuilder Services, you will need to modify the properties of ReportBuilder Services.

Modifying ReportBuilder Services Properties
  1. Access the Windows Service Manager
  2. Select the ReportBuilder Services item.
  3. Stop the service
  4. Access the service properties dialog by Double-clicking on the item (or use the right mouse button).
  5. Select the LogOn tab
  6. Click the checkbox labeled “Allow service to interact with desktop.”
  7. Close the dialog
  8. Close the Windows Service Manager
  9. Use the RB Services tray icon application to start the server.