Deploy to an ISP Hosted Server

We do not have any policies against installing RB Server software onto a shared machine. But there may be limitations imposed by your Internet Service Provider that influence the manner in which the report server is deployed.

There are actually two applications that you create to implement a web reporting solution:


This is a Delphi web application that you build. It will include the RB WebTier component See RBServer\WebTier for examples of ISAPI, ASP, and APACHE web applications that we built using Delphi’s Web Broker technology. Note that CGI is not supported.

ReportServer application

This is a Delphi application that contains the RB Server component, one or more RB ReportVolume components, and the RB reports. This application can run on the web server or on a separate machine. For an ISP, you would likely need to run it on the same machine. The preferred way to deploy this application is to run it within the context of a Windows Service. Using the RB Services software that is included with the RB Server Edition, your report application can run as a windows service. If your report server application encounters a fatal error, RB Services can automatically restart it. If you do run your report server as a Windows Service, you can run it as a standard Windows .Exe.