Execute Specified Report

TECH TIP: How can I request that the webtier execute a specified report?

Question:  “Without using the Web ReportExplorer, how can I request that the webtier execute a specified report?”

Solution:  The webtier processes requests for web content. These requests consists of

  1. The URL for the webtier (example:
  2. A parameter specifying the content type (example: content=viewer)  {note: content=viewer, is used to request report viewer content.}
  3. Additional parameters that are specific to the content request.

    Use a web browser to access the webtier demo that displays the report explorer.

    Notice that when you place the mouse over a report in the report explorer that the status bar in IE shows the url plus some params. That is the string required to run the report on the web tier.

    Example:\Biolife Table&framset=1 

    So the parameters here are:

  4. AutoSearch ParametersTo specify autosearch parameters for a report, include the parameter ‘newsearch=T’ followed by the autosearch parameters.AutoSearch parameters have the following naming convention: asgXfYse and asgXfYsa.The asgX specifies the autosearch group number, where X is the number. The fY specifies the field number, where Y is the number. The se indicates that the value is a search expression and the sa specifies that the value is the “show all” boolean expression.