Homegrown IntraWeb

TECH TIP: ReportBuilder and IntraWeb

Have you considered using ReportBuilder Server Edition to implement the reporting part of you web app? You could still use IntraWeb for the rest of the app. That could save many hours of development time and provide a higher performance, higher quality web reporting solution.

Live Demo: www.digital-metaphors.com/RBServerLive

Features: https://www.digital-metaphors.com/products/report_server/

That being said, there should not being any limitations to implementing what you are trying to do. You need to make sure that you provide a thread-safe container for the report to execute. You need to make sure that no dialogs are displayed by the report (i.e. set Report.ShowPrintDialog, ShowCancelDialog, etc to False. Also for the report, set EnableProcessMessages to False.

As an incremental step you might first try creating some pdf’s and writing a simple IntraWeb app that can serve them up. That would remove RB from the equation. Then as a second step add the RB generate to PDF. Initially try a simple one page test report that is not connected to any data. Perhaps just build a layout that contains a single TppLabel with a Caption like ‘Test Report’. Then incrementally add complexity from there.