How To…Deploy to ASP.NET


“How can I deploy the WebTier to ASP.NET?”


This solution has two parts.

  1. Use Delphi to build the RB WebTier into a COM object.
  2. Use ASP.NET to build a report.aspx page that calls the RB WebTier COM object.

Any version of ASP.NET can be used.


WebTier COM Server

  1. Use Delphi to open the WebTierCOMServer project.
  2. Configure the WebTier as desired. (or configur the WebTier.IniSettings to load a configuration at run-time).
  3. Build the project. This will generate WebtierCOMServer.ocx
  4. Select the Run | Register ActiveX Server to register the COM library with your machine.


The included zip file contains a simple ASP.NET project that we created.

To use the WebtierCOMServer.ocx in your custom ASP.NET project

  1. Use any version of ASP.NET.
  2. Add a project reference to WebtierCOMServer.ocx. (Use the Visual Studio or RAD Stdio add References dialog to browse to the WebtierCOMServer.ocx file.)
  3. Add the report.aspx web page included in the zip file to your ASP.NET project. (or build a similar custom page that calls the WebtierCOMServer.ocx.)