How To…Deploy to IIS6


“How can I deploy the WebTier to IIS6?”

Deploying the WebTier to IIS6

The following is a supplement to the Server Edition Developer’s Guide, installed to …RBServer\Developer’s Guide\RBServer.pdf.

IIS 6 security is tighter than prior versions of IIS. By default ISAPI modules are /not/ permited to run. Use the following steps to configure IIS 6 to allow your WebTier ISAPI module to run.

Configure IIS 6 Web Service Extensions

  1. Access IIS Manager
  2. Select the ‘Web Service Extensions’ folder
  3. Click the ‘Add a new web service extension…’ option
  4. For the name enter, ReportBuilder WebTier
  5. Browse to the location of the ISAPI .dll that contains the webtier, for example, report.dll
  6. Click the ‘Set extension status to Allowed’ checkbox
  7. Press OK to close the dialog

Configure Virtual Directory Properties

Use IIS Manager to access the Virtual Directory properties for the RB WebTier virtual directory (in the tutorials, this is folder is called rbWebPub).

In the dialog, there is an Application Settings area at the bottom, make sure that you have Execute Permissions set to ‘Scripts and Executables’ (otherwise IIS will think requests are to download the .dll rather than execute it).

Access the Documents tab of the same dialog. Select the checkbox called ‘Enable default content page’ – and specify the ISAPI dll file (for example, Report.dll) as the default file.