IIS User Accounts

RB WebTier and IIS User Accounts

Question:  I am trying to configure and test the RB WebTier using IIS. When I try to test the web tier via my web browser an Internal Server 500 Error page is displayed.”

Answer:  This is generic error page returned by IIS.

One cause of this error is that the WebTier application does not have sufficient user access rights.


  1. Unload the WebTier application.Use IIS to access the properties dialog for the rbWebPub virtual directory. Press the UnLoad button to unload the ISAPI dll.
  2. Delete rbWebPub subdirectoriesUse Windows Explorer to delete all subdirectories inside the rbWebPub directory. If you are using different WebTier CacheDirectory or WebTier LogSettings, then delete those directories also.
  3. Configure IIS User AccountsThere are two user accounts created by IIS: IUSR_MachineName and IWAM_MachineName. (MachineName is replaced by the name of your computer).

    a. Use Windows Explorer to access the properties dialog for the rbWebPub directory.

    b. Check whether the IUSR_MachineName and IWAM_MachineName accounts appear in the list of users. If not then add them.

    c. The IUSR_MachineName account is the Internet Guest Account. This account requires Read, Execute, and Write access to rbWebPub.

    d. The IWAM_MachineName account is a user account that IIS uses to run web applications such as the web tier. This account requires full control of the rbWebPub directory. The web tier must be able to read, write, and create new files and sub directories for the CacheDirectory and the Log. Therefore if you configure the WebTier to use directories that are not subdirectories of rbWebPub, you will need to configure those directories as well.

    e. reboot the machine.