How To… Multiple Email Plugins


The email feature in ReportBuilder utilizes numerous email plugin classes that allow emails to be sent in various ways. See the article on email fundamentals for more information about the design of this feature.

With the introduction of the Web Mail plugins such as Gmail, it is increasingly necessary to offer users of RB the option of how to send their reports. Beginning with ReportBuilder 21, it is possible to support multiple email plugins at once so a user may select the method used to send an exported report.


To enable the Multi-Plugin feature, simply set the EmailSettings.ConnectionSettings.EnableMultiPlugin property to True. This will allow a single SMTP plugin to be registered simultaneously with multiple web-mail plugins. The plugin to be used should be assigned using the EmailSettings.ConnectionSettings.MailService property or in the Preview using the email toolbar button.












See the following example for a demonstration of this feature. (Requirements: RB 21+, Delphi 10 Seattle or later)